About Our Company

Matt of LimobookAndre of Limobook

Based in downtown Vancouver, Limobook has been operating for more than five years. It was founded by Matthew Chambers, who has considerable experience in the hospitality industry in Vancouver.

In 2010 Matt was joined by Andre Bernard, a graduate of Vancouver Community College’s Bachelor of Hospitality Management program. After learning from the best—the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver—Andre decided it was time to put his knowledge to good use serving the transportation needs of Limobook’s discerning clients.

Together they are transforming the executive transportation business in Vancouver by proudly introducing the concept of luxury vans offering the most elegantly appointed and technologically advanced fleet of custom, chauffeured Mercedes-Benz multi-passenger vans, Mercedes S550 sedans, Cadillac Escalade ESVs, and Cadillac sedans.

Matt and Andre also take pride in joining corporate Canada’s green revolution. CSR conscious travelers can rest assured —Limobooks run on low-sulfur diesel, which is far more environmentally responsible than traditional, high-octane gasoline. And at approximately 30.1 miles per gallon, group travel within a Limobook Van uses 1/5 the fuel required for multiple sedans.

Having created a superior mobile environment adaptable for both personal and corporate use, Limobook counts the most influential people in the world among its loyal clients, offering each the uninterrupted time and personalized experience that is often lost in transit. With Limobook, the difference is simple.