Corporate Transfer Solutions for Vancouver

If you're looking for the best corporate transportation in Vancouver or Whistler, look no further than Limobook.

We invite you and your team to experience true comfort in our Mercedes Benz Sprinter fleet. Our luxury vans are outfitted like corporate jets and act as a rolling boardroom for meetings on the road. They are perfect for taking a group of executives on a company tour, entertaining important clients, or going to sales meetings.

Our Jet Vans and Executive Vans are equipped with:

  • Stand-up tall headroom and plenty of legroom for up to 15 passengers

  • Leather-covered captain's chairs, each with a stowaway desk, individual lighting, and power outlets

  • Two large flat-screen TVs

  • Satellite TV and radio

  • Wi-fi

  • Teleconferencing equipment

Corporate Transportation

Excellence defines the corporate transportation services we have provided corporate clients for many years. At Limobook it is easy for clients to reserve their vehicle and trip, either online or over the phone. Corporate clients benefit from the immense flexibility we offer to customize the service to their needs. We’ve worked hard to streamline almost every aspect of your experience; after all, we know that you deserve nothing short of the very best.

Our team of well trained and experienced staff members help by guiding corporate clients who book either a single vehicle or multiple cars. We also offer both long-term corporate transportation and numerous short-term solutions, for example an airport and trade show shuttle service. Regardless of  it being a private meeting or a large corporate event, count on us to fulfill all your transportation needs. We guarantee that you’ll be on time as promised, and totally satisfied with the experience. 

We Set the Bar for Luxurious Corporate travel

Are you a corporate travel agent? We deal with many corporate travel management companies which book private cars for their CEOs, CFOs and board members. Limobook adheres to strict rules about the confidentiality of all our clients. We are professional, discreet and have the best high-end luxury cars on the market.

If you are a corporate traveler or a corporate travel agent ask us about our services the next time you are in Vancouver for corporate travel.

Whether the trip has been planned or if it has been just a last-minute arrangement, our staff can handle your schedule. Our team will manage the logistics required to ensure you have the vehicle required on time and that you are dropped off at your destination on time, regardless of the circumstances.  

When you choose us we ensure the following:

  • You travel in luxury from your office to any destination

  • We also provide our corporate clients with airport pick and drop services

  • We also offer private services using the vehicle of your choice for associates and guests

  • Ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else that you task us to transport

  • Our professionals ensure that  no detail is overlooked

Corporate Transportation for Group Meetings and Events

Our luxury chauffeur-driven cars and luxury vans cater to the entire city of Vancouver. As a Vancouver based business, we know that many companies hire our services to ease the logistical burden that comes from the need to move several people to either a single or multiple locations. We are well versed in not just moving groups of people but also ensuring that they reach their destination on time.

Our group transportation services cater to corporate events, group tours, meetings, and other corporate events. We ensure that you have the perfect experience as our team will make sure that all details are considered and well managed so that you and your people can focus on making the event a success.

When choosing us to transport a larger group of corporate clients, customers or affiliates we’ll suggest designating one of our premium seven-seater Mercedes Metris. Or perhaps a black SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator. The choice is yours. All of this makes Limobook your perfect corporate transportation partner for group events regardless of size or type.

Employee Luxury Shuttles 

Limobook’s employee luxury shuttles offer your business flexibility, when it comes to how shuttles are used. Move employees to and from the train station, or from any other place that you designate. We can also provide ‘black car’service to employees like top end executives or sales executives who are off for a client meeting.  

We take on the heavy lifting when it comes to planning the routes and factoring potential issues like gridlocked traffic, which can be a concern at certain times in some places. Our goal is to ensure that the employees we shuttle reach your office on time. But we too are flexible enough to make last minute adjustments to the pickup times and places as required.

We work hard to ensure that our daily shuttles or weekly shuttles (whichever you choose) ensure that employees reach the office safely. Our shuttles can also drop employees off at certain points. You may wish some employees to be dropped off at one office, while the others are transported head office. It is just one of the many scenarios for which we are prepared to help.

Our fleet consists of a variety of vehicles, one ideally suited for your type of shuttle service. Our Mercedes Executive Bus, is ideally suited for transporting a number of employees in comfort and style. If fewer employees, then the Mercedes Executive Van could serve your purpose best. You are free to choose any vehicle, or ask our professionals to assist in making an informed decision.

A Fleet of the Latest Luxury Vehicles

In the corporate world image is everything. That’s why all our vehicles offer the latest luxury options, all with a view to making a great impression. Whether you require a sleek black sedan for airport transportation or perhaps a stretch limo for your corporate guests, an extensive array of options are ready to meet whatever your need.  

Limobook has provided corporate transportation for a very long time. In that time, we’ve learned that no two clients are the same. That means your demand and requirements will often differ from other clients. That’s why we are continually expand and add new vehicles to our fleet. Plus, a team of on-site mechanics meticulously maintain each car to ensure reliability. This very reliability that puts us ahead of the competition when it comes to luxury corporate transportation.  

Your Business Matters to Us

In the business world relationships still matter. That’s why we take a personalized approach towards each of our corporate clients. This personalized approach allows everyone, from our customer service team to the chauffeurs that drive for you, to be aware of all details regarding what you want and what matters to your business.

Our logistics professionals have years of experience allowing them to create contingencies and itineraries for group events of all types and sizes. We guarantee that you and your guests will benefit from the same exceptional experience, regardless of the vehicles you hire or how many guests are accommodated. You can trust us to transport your guests, clients, associates, VIPs and partners reliably while making them feel exactly the way you wish. 

Technology and Safety

Limobook’s team of chauffeurs and various other staff members use the latest tracking technology to ensure that your trips are safe and completed on time. We use flight tracking to monitor inbound and outbound flights so that our chauffeur is there to greet you and/or your guests when they arrive. Our GPS system helps us navigate Vancouver’s often gridlocked traffic. Most times we are able to find the shortest route to your destination, thereby avoiding delay, saving considerable time in the process.

The use of mobile communication, computer reservation systems and weather alerts are just a handful of examples of how we use technology to offer corporate clients the best, most hassle-free experience. It helps to ensure that you’re never late because of unforeseen circumstances because we have contingencies and a Plan B in place at all times.  

Well Trained and Seasoned Corporate Transportation Chauffeurs

Our Chauffeurs are Limobook’s front line professionals, and so are required to undergo training, training which covers defensive driving, confidentiality, and customer service. We know from experience that almost any car company can have competent drivers; however, a true commitment to ensuring excellence requires chauffeurs that adhere to our company’s values. That’s why at Limobook we focus so much on our chauffeurs to ensure that they are always ready to meet the needs of our corporate clients, while ensuring their safety and guaranteeing discretion.  

Reliable Corporate Transportation  

There is no room for errors in the corporate world. So, things like scheduling difficulties, poor customer service or mishaps can be devastating for any business. It is for this reason that we’ve focused so much time and effort on ensuring that every aspect of our service from the vehicles to our customer service people are constantly ahead of the situation.  

Whether it is group transportation for a convention, or an hourly service, hiring us is the best decision you’ll make. Count on us to deliver a service that makes your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. You have no worries about the cars you need not being available or unreliable!  

Talk to Us

Whether your company is large or small, our corporate transportation in Vancouver frees you from the logistical hassle associated with transporting high-level executives, partners, associates or employees. Our fleet of the latest vehicles offers comfort, safety and luxury. Call us today to book your vehicle or speak to our professionals to find the best solution to your corporate transportation needs.