Vancouver Airport Car Service

Limobook Canada is the leading premium quality Vancouver airport car service. We provide standard one-way or round-trip pickups with high-end vehicles and with customizable day rates. Our personalized, reliable and professional airport pickup service is there on time every time! Maybe you’re tired of the other under performing car services. You want a reliable pickup from the airport, one that will take you directly to your hotel or a business meeting, you can count on Limobook Canada to deliver as promised.

We are the leading airport limousine company and take pride in knowing that our clients are highly satisfied with the service provided. Limobook provides exceptional service. Countless recommendations come from international government agencies, Five- Star hotels, Fortune 100 executives, fashion, music and movie celebrities.

Avoid the Hassle with our Airport Limo Service

Hiring an airport limousine service does not have to be difficult, or require multiple calls and waiting around for a quote. Limobook’s easy online booking system is instant, and we are available for call booking as well. Do you have special requirements? Send us your details and we will be sure that you are quickly and pleasantly whisked away to one of our waiting cars. No waiting , No delays.

At Limobook we have been helping people avoid all that hassle by providing you with our premium personalized services. We make everything easy, from reserving your vehicle, to being dropped off at the airport on time. There are no hidden costs, uncomfortable seats, and reckless driving when you choose us. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the leading reasons why we are among the top-rated services in Vancouver! However, there are other reasons too as to why you should choose our Vancouver hotel to airport transfer over all the others.

most professional car service we have used worldwide!
— Tom F

A Premium Airport Limo Service

Appearances matter for you as well as it does for us. That is why our Vancouver international limo services are manned by a team of chauffeurs who will wait for you at the airport. Each chauffeur is bound to uphold the reputation of our company, in addition to possessing prior experience. On your arrival, our chauffeur will immediately take you to your pre-determined destination. We even accommodate your special requests such as stopping along the way for flowers, perhaps buying a gift or taking a photo. After all, we want your visit to the great city of Vancouver to be memorable.

Our vehicles can accommodate as many people as you require. Not to mention the fact that there is a 99% probability that we’ll have the vehicle you want to ride in! You can pick from a variety of vehicles ranging from sedans, buses, SUV's to leading brands of vans. Each vehicle is well maintained and spotless. Our team is well mannered, you are greeted professionally by your well-trained and skilled chauffeur. Our cars are comfortable, with your chauffeur having already chosen the best or quickest route to your destination from the airport. Our experience with routes to and from the airport can help our you save precious minutes, otherwise spent in traffic.

A fair fare is automatic when riding with Limobook. Rest assured that you’re not overpaying for our premium quality service. As well, you are saved from the hassle of paying parking fees, rental costs and gas mileage. Plus, you miss the bother of time wasted in hailing a taxi or perhaps waiting for a ride-sharing service. Not to mention the fact that our drivers know the city of Vancouver inside out. There is no place they can’t take you, oh! And they also answer your questions, and respond with solid, up-to-date information.

Premium Airport Car Service

Unlike other airport limousine companies or car services, we don’t just promise customers the best, most premium and seamless service but deliver it every day. Some of the car we offer are: BMW 740LE which is perfectly suited for the business traveler that needs space and even a laptop table to work while on the journey.

Or perhaps the MERCEDES S550 or JAGUAR XJL cars which are high-end sedans great for multiple people. If these cars are too small for your group we have the CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV which can hold 6 people or even the MERCEDES EXECUTIVE VAN or MERCEDES EXECUTIVE BUS that holds 7 or 15 people. Whenever people think about YVR airport limousine service, the first thought that comes to mind is Limobook. Why? Because we have a long history of providing a dependable and highly reliable airport car service. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are comfortable and satisfied with our service, even if it requires going the proverbial extra mile. That’s why you are guaranteed a smooth, and affordable ride with a team that cares!

Matt and his team truly are professionals
— Rebecca L

We will be Happy to Meet You

Many of our clients are people flying in from international destinations including the USA. Our chauffeurs are equipped with a special pass that allows them to directly greet you or your party. Your name is displayed by our chauffeur on an iPad generated sign. And if your flight is delayed, you can be assured that our chauffeur will not leave the airport without you.

Included in our airport service is:

  • Flight monitoring

  • iPad-generated sign displaying your name

  • Baggage handling

  • Parking fees

  • Wi-fi

  • Fleet GPS tracking

Reliable and Safe

Our Vancouver airport to hotel transfers are safe because you and your family’s safety matters to us. It is our mission to take you to and from your destination safely and in a timely fashion. Each ride goes precisely as planned. We run a background check on our drivers. Our chauffeurs are properly licensed and insured. Many of our chauffeurs have been with Limobook for a long time, they know exactly the level of service we expect them to deliver. We are regularly trusted by high net-worth individuals, executives, government officials and celebrities who value our discretion.

That said we provide the same safety and security to regular people who choose our service, after all, we work to ensure that every one of our clients are safe when riding with us. Our team of professional customer care representatives will work with you to plan and execute every ride safely. They will make the bookings required to ensure that you are safe and arrive on time. Plus, they will take any special requests that you may have into consideration when planning for you. So, you can sit back and enjoy your time in Vancouver.

A Cost-Effective Airport Limousine Service

When most people see the word “Premium,” they often think expensive! The fact is that while many airport limousine companies may use their claim of offering a premium service as an excuse to charge clients a lot of money, that’s not the way we operate. We run a cost-effective airport car service that’s ideally suited for everyone, regardless of if you are an executive, student or are visiting Vancouver on a budget our prices are competitive with no hidden charges.

Our goal is to provide clients with the best bang for every dollar you spend. That means offering the best possible service without going overboard with pricing. So, you have the peace of mind knowing that the convenience of having a reliable and trustworthy airport limo service isn’t going to cost you a lot of money.

like they say, On Time - Every Time
— Mark N

Help Us Improve our Airport Limo Service!

Your feedback matters. Over the years Limobook has become the airport limousine for many people visiting Vancouver because we continue to listen to feedback from our clients. Your valuable feedback can help us make the service better, both for you and for others. That said we are also open to service-related suggestions. If you think we should be offering a service which currently isn’t listed feel free to let, us know.

Reserve Your Ride in a Matter of Minutes

We have made reserving your airport limousine or car of your choice to and from the airport easy. You can also choose the time of your arrival or departure, and our experts will handle the rest. Call our customer service number to reserve a vehicle if you prefer as well. It takes just a few minutes to get the car you want at the most convenient time. We will then send a chauffeur driven vehicle for you.

Whether you are in a hurry or looking to simply enjoy your vacation in Vancouver, look no further than Limobook for all your transportation needs. Call us today to book your vehicle! When choosing an appropriate vehicle for you or another group or to find out more about our services or perhaps to get a quote for a specific type of vehicle. Our Vancouver airport car service is available 24/7 ready to assist in every possible way.