Professional Event Transportation

When the stakes are high, and there's no room for error, our Event Transportation experts relieve you of unnecessary stress. Our dedicated and friendly on-site coordinators, chauffeurs, dispatch, operations, and logistic teams thrive on providing unparalleled quality to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Our fleet of custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans, luxury Mini Buses, and Cadillac Escalades provide the highest quality corporate event transportation in total safety, comfort, and quality.

Whether transporting your Board of Directors, introducing the latest cellphone to the world, entertaining your clients, or moving hundreds or thousands of attendees, we've done it all with rave reviews. We have created the go-to standard of corporate event transportation operating in Vancouver as well as Whistler.

Event Transportation

Whether it is a school event, convention, family reunion, political rally, festival or any other type of event, you’ll never have to worry about ensuring that everyone reaches that get together safely and as scheduled. We have you covered. At Limobook we look after all the heavy lifting associated with moving large groups of people with our event transportation service. We have a wide selection of vehicles, from passenger vans that best-suited for special events like a gala, to a shuttle vehicle using a Mercedes Luxury Van or bus to shuttle multiple people to a sports event, or a group to a particular destination.

Unlike other services providing event transportation, we ensure that you and your people travel in luxury and comfort. Each of our vehicles is well maintained, spotless and is driven by an expert chauffeur. You just read the primary reasons why Limobook is the event transportation service of choice for many there are more reasons to hire us!

Why Choose Limobook’s Luxury Event Transportation?

Limobook has a team of certified and experienced chauffeurs. Our team works by matching your requirements to a single or multiple vehicles of your choice. Please keep in mind that like all other luxury transportation services, we offer event transportation service customized in many different ways beyond just being able to choose a luxury vehicle best suited to your event.

Our team works to ensure your safety and the safety of all riding onboard our luxury cars, limos, and buses. The chauffeur you are assigned will be responsible for managing everything related to your trip. That includes choosing the best route so that you arrive on time. If you’re an event planner, you can rely on our streamlined system and professionals to make the transportation end of planning your event hassle-free. 

Corporate Events Transportation

We know from experience that planning ground transportation for most. if not all types of corporate events, is a challenge. Most venues provide only limited parking, or are situated in high traffic areas which severely limits travel options. However, when you hire Limobook, you’re effectively expanding your travel range with numerous methods of transportation that cater to everyone. Top-level executives may prefer a Mercedes S550 or a Lincoln Navigator, while regular employees are moved in our Mercedes Executive bus that accommodates up to fifteen people with no compromise on luxury and comfort while not causing an issue re parking. When you hire our event transportation services, we provide the capability and flexibility associated with picking up and transporting a large number of people anywhere.

When planning an event, planners don’t want clients to worry about guests arriving fully prepared, on time to important meets like seminars, award ceremonies, and industry events. Enough of the other aspects of the process are already tedious. When you choose our event transportation service, we make sure that whether guests need to be picked up from multiple locations, or a single hotel, airport or office, we have you covered. Count on our professionals to come up with the best travel plan based on the number of guests, travel destination and length of the overall trip.

TED talks, School Events, Special guest and Other Academic Events Transportation

Planning a TED talk, does your university have a special guest arriving for a lecture? Limobook has driven some of the greatest minds in the world to special events around Vancouver. We can arrange local , airport or even Seattle pick ups of your VIP guest and get them to your event on time everytime.

Limobook has a fleet of different larger vehicles to accommodate multiple people, vehicles which are both luxurious and comfortable. For example, the Mercedes Luxury Bus easily accommodates 15 speakers and a lots of baggage. Plus these buses are spacious and are equipped with excellent wi-fi; that can keep the group connected or working while on the road. Our event transportation service for speakers, educators, VIP guests can be further tailored to ensure that it fits the events purpose in every possible way.

Luxurious Sporting Event Transportation

Whether moving a large group of fans or the players on game day, you can rely on our event transportation service to get them there in style. Depending on the size of your group, we offer a variety of different vehicles that range from luxury vans to buses capable of accommodating up to 15 people. Plus, our team coordinate the travel with your teammates, or family members so that they arrive on time. So, transportation is one burden less on your shoulders when you’re the event organizer.

Regardless of whether you, the family, or a team is traveling about Vancouver or are off to Whistler, rest assured of your comfort, and the experience of a world-class professional chauffeur, who takes his responsibility for safely transporting everyone. Our luxury vehicles are equipped with everything from WiFi to LCD screens, comfortable seats and climate control. You are guaranteed to enjoy a quality ride, regardless of how far your destination is from the the agreed-to pickup point.

Family Reunions and Weddings

A holiday often offers a great opportunity to spend some time with friends and family. However, whenever you have to manage a group of people for an event like a wedding or a family reunion, things often go wrong. Coordinating things like the pickup time can be difficult. Then there are unplanned delays which risk with the potential to throw the entire schedule off track. That said, with our luxury event transportation service you have no worries about these things because your family event is in good hands.

Depending on the size of a group, we can either break them off into multiple segments and transport them in separate vehicles, or move all with using our large Mercedes Luxury Bus. If the venue has limited parking, or the group is a small one, then perhaps the 7-person Mercedes Luxury Van makes the most sense. However, if parking is not an issue, and you want to make a grand entrance, several smaller luxury sedans like the BMW 740LE could work well.

Limobook’s promise to you and your family is that regardless of the car, van, bus or limousine you hire, it will be comfortable and luxurious. Plus, you’ll experience top-shelf customer service with our well-trained and experienced chauffeurs.

Rent a Luxury Mercedes Executive Van for Your Birthday!

Birthdays are special. With a luxury Mercedes Executive Van you pull out all the stops when it comes to luxury and arriving in style. Our Mercedes Luxury Bus is the perfect birthday transportation! It is spacious and comfortable, and comes with all the features you expect from a modern-day vehicle. Plus, the bus will be spotless and mechanically sound, the result of regular double check carried out with our fleet. But most of all we will all be there to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Our luxury buses include LED lighting, LCD screens, and a great sound system so that you can play all the music you like. Plus, there can be extras like bottled water, drinks and a whole lot of other stuff! The result? There is nothing holding you back from having a great time and showing up with a flair.

Book Your Event Transportation Today

Limobook prides itself on providing excellent customer service; a system that makes booking the event transportation you want quick and efficient. We are always available to speak with you and provide recommendation on the best mode of transportation depending on the size and number of guests attending the your event.  Not to mention the fact that you have access to a large pool of vehicles from which to choose. Our ever-increasing fleet of vehicles ensures that whether you just want to move yourself around in style, or a large group of people, we have you covered from start to finish.

Call our reservation specialists to learn about the variety of options are available to customize your ride for the event you are planning.