Our Service Terms and Conditions

There are times when traffic at YVR is especially heavy and it is possible for the passenger to miss our driver at the agreed time and place. If this happens, we urge you to call our office or the driver to immediately arrange another rendezvous.


Trip Cancellation and Payment

If you choose alternative transportation, please appreciate that we must still charge you the full amount of your reserved trip minus any gratuity. If you cancel your tripwithin 24 hours of our agreed time for picking you up, we charge 50% of the total trip charge. If you cancel within six hours of the pickup time, we charge the full amount of the trip. Deposits for trips are non-refundable. Balances are payable at the beginning of your trip. We apply overtime charges after the first 15 minutes following the pre-arranged pickup time. We aren’t responsible for delays or terminated runs due to unsafe road conditions.


Other terms and conditions

Unless requested, drinking glasses are not included with trips lasting less than one hour. We cannot guarantee the make, colour or model of a requested vehicle. We assume no liability for a mechanical breakdown but will make up any lost time at a mutually agreeable future date. You are responsible for any vehicle damage that you or member of your party may cause. We charge you a $300 fee if you damage a carpet and/or seat, including damage caused by a lit cigar, pipe or cigarette. We will charge you a $300 sanitation fee for cleaning up vomit or other liquid damage. We must obey the stated vehicle seating capacity. Smoking, drug or alcohol use is prohibited in our vehicles with no exceptions. You are responsible for any fines for legal violations. A driver may end a trip if you or a member of your party commit an indiscretion, including standing, putting arms and legs, or throwing garbage through windows or an open sunroof. We are not responsible for any articles left in our vehicles. If you have any questions about these terms, please don’t hesitate to call us at 604-200-1224.