Vancouver Luxury Tours

Limobook offers many luxury tours, you’ll enjoy your visit to the cities of Vancouver, Whistler, Okanagan and Victoria in style. Choose your high-end vehicle, from a list which includes the likes of the Mercedes S550 and the BMW 740LE, or a Jaguar XJL to name just two in our wide selection. And that chauffeured vehicle comes with a competent, knowledgeable and well-informed guide. Whether visiting for a few days or just a few hours, that time will be memorable with us getting you around to  some of the best sights that the city has to offer.

Please note, that we are most than happy to create custom tour packages you as an individual, or for your family, and for various groups. Create a list the places you want to visit, and our chauffeur will create a package ideally suited to your wishes. For example; interested in historical sites, then we customize a package that fits all the historical sites in to the duration of your stay in Vancouver.



The beautiful city of Vancouver has something for everyone: great history, breath-taking mountains and parks, and fabulous shopping. Let our experienced and dedicated guides take you on a private tour while you relax and enjoy our spectacular city.

Vancouver is the most beautiful city I have ever seen...
— Tim W

Vancouver City Tours in Style

Limobook chauffeured-tours will arrange to meet you at a hotel, at your cruise ship, or at the at the airport or another location of your choice. Our luxury tours can run 3 hours or 3 days. You get to see and spend as much time as you want on your memorable tour around the many varied sites found in and around beautiful Vancouver.

Those highlights will include Canada Place, B.C. Place, 2,500 acre Stanley Park and the not soon forgotten Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, amongst others. Our team has the knowledge and flexibility to take you around all the neighborhoods frequented by locals to get a feel for the variety of cultures.

Got a larger group? At Limobook we offer the comfort of a roomy  the Mercedes Executive van, ideal for small groups, and their luggage. We’ll find a vehicle that works best for you.



Located approximately 2.5 hours from downtown Vancouver, Whistler is a resort town nestled in the Coast Mountains. A year-round destination, Whistler provides a Canadian west coast mountain experience with snowy winters and moderate temperatures. Whistler is a must-see for anyone visiting the region.

Comfortable Vancouver to Whistler tours

Limobook tours offers an extremely popular day-long tour to the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler! You get a first-hand view of southern B.C. topical variety along the Sea to Sky highway. Your chauffeur takes you along the Sea to Sky Highway, through Lion’s Bay, into see Shannon Falls, on to Saanich town, and Stawamish Chief, the second largest singular piece of granite in the world. Soon you’ll arrive at wonderful Whistler!! Lots to do and see. Spend as much time as you want at each location.



The capital of B.C. is located just a ferry ride away on Vancouver Island, another must-see. If you want to see the history, gardens, or just to relax, let us provide you with transportation to and from the island and proudly take you on a tour of the beautiful capital city.

Don’t forget to visit Vancouver Island
— Sherry S

Vancouver to Victoria Tours

The capital of British Columbia, Victoria, known as the ‘Garden City,’ in an excellent weekend destination. The city is in full bloom spring and suffer. And its mild weather pretty much guarantees that you can golf year-round. Limobook’s chauffeured day tour package sets you up with a luxurious vehicle like the Cadillac Escalade ESV, with more than enough space for your luggage and a small group of people. If traveling alone or with the family, a luxury sedan like the BMW 740LE is also ideally suited for the trip.

One of 42 ferries in the B.C. Ferries fleet gently conveys you to Vancouver Island in less than 2 hours. Less than 15 km. on is the spectacular 55-acre Butchart Gardens. An attraction that draws crowds from across Canada and the world. You won’t want to miss it.

In Victoria, enjoy the picturesque harbor, the colonial architecture, the small Chinatown, and a stroll along the multi shops on Government Street. Bike rentals and interesting trails await exploring. Or take a cruise out to watch the whales.

Please feel free to call Limobook to customize your day tour to Victoria, or for a complete list of locations which are part of our package.

Luxury Ski Tours

Limobook’s luxury ski tours whisk you away from all the crowded lineups to nearly untouched powder. Not only can we arrange for a luxury Mercedes Executive which can transport up to 7 people as well as all your skiing equipment in comfort But we can help you beat the crowds. We offer skiers an opportunity to ride some of the best snow that B.C.’s huge mountains have to offer, and that includes some back-country skiing in the hills.

Our chauffeurs know their way around both Vancouver’s best places to ski, as well as others around various parts of the province. Plus, you get to choose whether you want a short hike or a long multi-day trip. If you are perhaps are an experienced skier searching for a challenging slope to conquer, we can help. Our knowledge of the area will ensure that you have the best ski trip ever, because you’ll be taken to places best aligned to your goals. Limobook partners with Helijet Helicopter for customized skiing trips along both the coast and into the inland mountains. 



Whether you are arriving or departing from Seattle, or you simply want to tour the city, allow us to provide your transportation so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Seattle Transfers

Many travelers arrive to Vancouver from Seattle or leave Canada through Seattle as it is the large northwestern city in the USA. Limobook offers many travelers the peace of mind in getting home safe directly from your Vancouver hotel to Seattle or Sea-tac international airport. Our limousine drivers can whisk you from Vancouver to Seattle (254 km) in 3 hours. Enjoy those last moments with your family or guests in style.

Exciting Wine Tours

Anyone who finds themselves in Vancouver during summer should consider a visit to the Okanagan Valley, a place well known for its variety of wine. While Vancouverites see the Okanagan valley as a great summer spot, those who live on the other side of the mountains in Alberta and Saskatchewan, also consider it a refuge.

84% percent of the province’s vineyards are here in the valley that stretches some 250 km. It is the province’s leading grape-growing region, with a unique and consistently changing panorama. Each sub region boasts of having its own distinct quality of soil and varying climate conditions which lend themselves to wines with unique tastes, from sun-ripened reds to crisp whites.

Most wineries here are family owned for generations, each exhibiting its own character and pride in its history. Wine tasting is encouraged. The wines here rank among the very best in the world at various international competitions. It is a shame though that it is a relatively unknown.

In addition to wine tasting and witnessing the winemaking process, there is much more to do here; from sailing to kayaking and boating. Ask your chauffeur to pull over for a bit to allow you  and dive into the crystal-clear waters for a swim. The Ironman triathlon has been featured here in various summers.

While the 4-hour drive to Okanagan Valley might be a stretch, our goal at Limobook, is to make your trip comfortable and fun. The drive is made much more comfortable with our luxury vehicles, on like the Lincoln Navigator, with accommodate up to six people. You can choose a vehicle that’s best suited to your family or group, or we can recommend one for your situation. Plus like all other packages, it is also possible to customize your trip so that it covers everything you want to see and experience within a given timeframe.

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At Limobook our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and luxurious experience. Whether in Vancouver for a couple of days, or flying in for a particular event or activity, we can help. Apart from our standard packages, we invite you to speak with us with regards to customizing your experience.

Our team of experts can also help with choosing the right vehicle, detail the places to see, and give you an estimate of the time a particular trip would take.

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